What to Expect

What to Expect

We're glad your here!

We know that visiting a new church can be an overwhelming and even anxious experience. Whether you are new to town and searching for a new church home in a brand new community, or seeking a new place to worship in a beloved hometown,  there can be some level of fear and intimidation.  We pray that you have the opposite experience when you visit Lakeview.  In order to help you feel more at home upon your first visit, we'd like to offer you some information that may help answer some questions you may have.  We know that you won't find answers to every question you may have, but we hope that the following information offers you the answers you are seeking, before your very first worship experience with us.


There is a parking space for everyone, at Lakeview.  On the North side of our campus is a large parking lot with ample parking, a few Handicapped parking spaces, as well as some labeled "Senior" for those who may need to park a little closer to the entrance.  The North parking lot will lead you right into our central foyer area, and allow you to easily access our Sanctuary, for Worship Services, Sunday School classrooms, and all other areas of our campus.  There is also parking on the East side of our campus, which will take you into the adult classroom area, and on the South side, which accesses the Children and Youth complex.

Please be aware that once services begin, the only entrance which remains unlocked from the exterior is the North Entrance of the campus.  All entrances from other parking areas will be locked from the exterior, for the safety of all worshipers.

Campus Layout

Upon entering the main North Entrance of Lakeview, you will find our campus to be laid out in a manner that flows logically and organized. 
Through the Worship Center to your right is a 2-story educational building, which houses classes for the nursery, preschool, kids and youth ministries.  The nursery and
preschool classes are together at the very end of the hall (so as to not interrupt Worship Services), Lakeview Kids utilizes the remainder of the bottom floor, with a few grade levels upstairs, and Limitless Student Ministry can be found on the second floor of the educational building, for 7th - 12th graders.Chuch layout

To the left of the Worship Center and foyer area, you will find the office complex and gym.  And just around the corner from the gym are all the adult Sunday School classrooms. 

Nestled safely in the center of all these areas, is our playground, available for the kids of Lakeview

What to Wear

At Lakeview, we have people from all walks of life. The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 16:7 that man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Though most people who attend our Worship Services dress in a manner they deem comfortable, we are not focused on or worried with trying impress one another. In a typical worship service at Lakeview, you will see worshipers in dresses/suits, dress slacks and shirts, casual khakis with button-downs, or jean and t-shirts.  We are more concerned with honoring God by the way we live. Our hearts, therefore, are more important than our outward apparel.

Sunday School

Sunday School is offered every Sunday morning, beginning at 9:30.  Sunday School classes range from birth to Senior Adult, and there is a class at Lakeview where everyone can learn and grow.  Our kids' and youth classes are divided by age/grade level, and adult classes are arranged by life stages.  Please take some time to become familiar with each of the classes, the faces of teachers, and then decide where your family would best fit in here in our Sunday School program.

Worship Service

At Lakeview, we believe God is the only audience of our worship.  We strive each and every Sunday to worship God “in Spirit and in Truth.”  We incorporate many different avenues into our worship services, by which you can present you offerings of worship to the Father.  These include:

  • worship through song
  • worship through prayer
  • worship through the giving of tithes and offerings
  • worship through the preaching of God’s Word
  • worship through our response to the Holy Spirit

At Lakeview, you can expect to sing a blend of traditional hymns, contemporary hymns and contemporary praise and worship songs and chorus’.  The music portion of our worship is driven by many different instruments including:  piano, drums, guitars, violin, cello, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, and more.  We also have a praise team which assists the music director in leading the congregation to God’s throne, with song.

During a worship service, Lakeview incorporates the worship element of prayer.  We believe prayer is vital to a life-changing relationship with Jesus, therefore, we offer you many opportunities to converse with God, whether minister-led, deacon-led, corporately in small groups, or silently, between yourself and God.

Each worship service at Lakeview gives you the opportunity to worship God by giving a portion of what He has given to you, back to Him.  As the offering plates are passed throughout the Worship Center, each participant in worship is given the opportunity to place their tithes and offerings into the offering plate, while reflecting on the fulfillment of God’s promises in your life, to provide, while you are faithful to Him.

Preaching the Word of God is incorporated into every worship service.  At Lakeview, God’s Word is preached as it is written.  Pastor Rod presents the message that God has given to Him, after much prayer and studying, and listening to the Holy Spirit, and preaches expecting God to change lives!  For more information on what Lakeview believes, regarding the Bible, please visit our What We Believe page.

Because God’s Word is “living and active,” and transforms lives, we strive to give each participant in worship the opportunity to respond to the Holy Spirit’s work, throughout the worship service.  Following the preaching of God’s Word, we hold what we like to call an invitation.  This is not an invitation by the pastor, or any other individual within the church.  This is an invitation by the Holy Spirit for you to listen to His prompting and conviction on your life, and respond.  Types of response may include prayer, in the pew, or at the altar, Christian’s repenting of hidden sin and asking for forgiveness, interceding for another brother or sister in Christ, joining the membership at Lakeview, or surrendering you life to Jesus Christ, and making Him Lord of your life, once and for all!  During the invitation time, there will be ministers and counselors available to discuss your decisions and pray with you regarding your response to the Holy Spirit.

Kids' Church

Lakeview offers a fun and exciting experience for children for ages birth through 6th grade to learn in their own age appropriate environment on Sunday mornings. We are a family friendly church and your children are welcome to join you for the service, but we have a passionate Children's Ministry director and teachers who work hard to prepare Biblical lessons each week that challenge our Lakeview Kids to honor God with their lives.  Children birth - age 3 are welcome to spend the entire Worship Service in their designated learning area. A nursery is available for children birth - age 2, and Preschool Church is offered for toddlers, ages 2 - 3.  We ask that children age 4 and older remain in the Worship Service with you for the music portion.  Following this, children will be dismissed to attend Kids' Church.  You may pick up your children in the children's area, on the 1st floor of the 2-story educational building, following the Worship Service.