Sunday School

Sunday School


Sunday School is a vital part of life at Lakeview.   Here at Lakeview, we believe that small group Sunday School really is the church, organized. In Sunday School, you will connect with others in a small group atmosphere, be discipled in your personal walk with the Lord,  learn about needs within the church, and support fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who are in need, and pray intimately for your church family.   At Lakeview, we offer many adult Sunday School classes, organized in a manner that is consistent with different stages of life.  Whether you are a young adult with small children, or a widowed senior citizen, we have a Sunday School class for you.  Join us at 9:30am on Sunday mornings, and find a place where you can connect and be transformed!

Adult 1 - Young Adults (18 to 35)

Young Adults - Room #211

Welcome to the Young Adults Sunday School class!

We are a class made up of Young Adults, ranging between 18 year and 35-ish years of age. We understand that this age group is extremely diverse in its life stages and would typically include the following:

  • College Students
  • Singles
  • Married Couples
  • Divorced Individuals
  • Parents of infants
  • Parents of toddlers

On Sunday mornings, we utilize the curriculum to help guide our learning. This curriculum is the Bible, with culturally relevant lessons to help members connect with each other and world around them, grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, serve within the church and community and then ultimately go impact the world around with the good news of Jesus Christ. This curriculum offers us the opportunity for Bible study at any level, articles on current/hot topics, missions and more.

Our class engages in facilitated discussions. Currently we rotate who leads the discussion. Input from class participants is encouraged, but not required.

We invite you to jump into the Word of God with us, to study what He has to say about some of the difficult topics in the world today, and allow Him to transform your life, so that you can connect, grow, serve, and go!

Adult 2 - Parents of Elementary and Middleschoolers

James Scott - Room #311


We are a class made up generally of parents of elementary and middle-schoolers. We utilize the Lifeway curriculum, "Bible Studies for Life," to help guide us through our study of God's Word each and every Sunday morning. Our class is facilitated, but includes much open discussion. Everyone is invited to participate, as we seek to apply God's Word to our daily lives.

We welcome any adult to come try out our class. Although most of our class participants have school-aged children, we range in age from late-20's, with no children, to grandparents, in their 50's. Our desire for, and enjoyment in, an interactive environment is the main thread that ties us all together.

We would love to have you join us!

Adult 3 - Parents of Tweens and Teens


Charles Rice - Room #310


Our bible study group is comprised of adults 30 yrs to 50 yrs. We have a combination of single, married, parents and grandparents. Some have middle school age kids and some have high school, college, and married kids.

We use the Adult Bible Study for Life from Lifeway curriculum. We feel that it helps us gain a better understanding of applying Gods word to everyday life. Instruction is more informal with a relaxed setting engaging in discussion about the passages we read. We focus on the word. If you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel safe to share your heart, learn and discuss the Word as it applies to the history of Christianity and today's society, then we are the class for you.

Adult 4 - Empty Nesters

Eddie Tyler - Room #302

Our class is made up of both singles and couples, ranging from 40 to 80 years old. Some are in the workforce while others are retired.

Our curriculum consists of the Bible. We study one book of the Bible at a time, navigating verse by verse. We engage in discussions with many different viewpoints and thoughts about these verses, always pointing back to the core values of Christianity, based upon God's Word.

We invite all who would like to walk with us through the Bible to visit us at 9:30am on Sunday mornings.

Adult 5 - Ambassadors for Christ


Keith SanMiguel - Room #316

Hey there!

If you are seeking a diverse class, this may be just what you are looking for.  Our class is made up of adults, ranging from 40-65 years of age.  We represent singles, couples and many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.  Our class is extremely talkative, and interactive, both within class, within church, and outside of church.

We currently utilize the "Bible Studies for Life" curriculum, provided by Lifeway Christian Resources, to help guide us, as we study God's Word on Sunday mornings.

We know that, sometimes, one can get weary listening to the same teacher week-in, and week-out.  Thus, in our class, we have 3 additional "co-teachers," that rotate out teaching.  This offers all class members the opportunity for a different style of teaching, and additional perspectives to gain.  We learn, and have fun doing so!

Please come and see our class in action!  We love to study, praise God and allow God's Word to transform our lives, so that we can use our talents and abilities for His glory.

Senior Adult 1 - Women

Sarah Lane - Room #409

Welcome, Ladies.

We are a Senior Adult Women's class, most of whom are single or widowed. We all love the Lord, resulting from the salvation we have received from Him, and enjoy ministering to each other throughout some of the problems that can arise in this stage of life.

On Sunday mornings, we use the Bible as our foundation of study, and utilize the Lifeway curriculum, "Explore the Bible," to help guide our study.

Our class is lecture-based, but includes discussion. We focus on the reading of scripture, followed by the teaching and understanding of the Word.

We have a friendly group of ladies that love Jesus, and we enjoy meeting new people. We would be so happy to have you join us in the study of the Scriptures.

Senior Adult 2 - Coed

Dalton - Room #303

Class details are under construction
For more information on this class call (254)780-1884