Kids’ Church

Kids’ Church

Kids’ Church meets on Sunday mornings in the 2-story building right off of the sanctuary.  If you walk past Room 107, you will see kids of all ages learning God’s Word through reading, games, fun activities, songs and cooperative learning.


Kids’ Church is open to all kids ages 4 to 4th grade. Children under the age of 4 are welcome to participate in the Extended Session of the 2’s and 3’s class in Room 103 or the Nursery in Room 101 (if under the age of 2).


Kids join their family and friends in the corporate worship service in the sanctuary at 10:45am, following Sunday School. Kids are encouraged to participate in the first half of the worship service by worshiping through song, prayer and the giving of tithes and offerings. Kids are then dismissed, before the sermon begins, to go together to Kids’ Church.


We understand that, oftentimes, kiddos have a difficult time comprehending a sermon that is preached during the worship service. Our pastor does a fabulous job of presenting the Word of God, but in any setting, it can be difficult to present material in such a way that both adults and young children, can fully grasp it. Thus, we give your kids another option. Kids’ Church is another avenue of presenting God’s Word in a manner that kids can understand. We desire for kids to learn just as much at church as their parents do, so that from a young age they, too, can learn what it truly means to have a relationship with Jesus, and not just religion.


During Kids’ Church, children learn through a variety of avenues. A passage is read from the Bible, either by the leader or in small groups with a mentor. Kids discuss the passage in groups, through activities such as crossword puzzles or word-finds, or in groups on the white board. The passage is then applied to their lives, at their level, in a way they can understand. Life application happens through interaction such as acting out the lesson, creating newscasts to report parts of the story, or even watching short video clips about the lesson.