J.A.I.L. Ministry

J.A.I.L. Ministry



The mission of J.A.I.L. Ministry, Inc., is to bring restoration through Jesus Christ to the lives of inmates, juvenile offenders, victims, law enforcement professionals, and affected families, thereby having a positive influence on our society. Changed hearts mean changed lives.


J.A.I.L. Ministry, Inc., offers a variety of volunteer programs in Belton, Texas. God has blessed the J.A.I.L. ministry with volunteers who have provided service to inmates, ex-prisoners, victims, and their families in the Bell County Jail for many years.  Volunteers lead Bible studies and in-jail seminars, assist crime victims, impact criminal justice legislation, mentor at-risk youth and ex-prisoners, purchase and deliver gifts to children of inmates at Christmas, and so much more. Through the diversity and unity of lay leadership from local churches, the volunteer programs of the J.A.I.L. Ministry effectively proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those impacted by crime.


Your gift enables the J.A.I.L. Ministry to share the Gospel with individuals who need a transformation in their lives, which means a positive change in families and communities in Central Texas area and beyond. Many financial supporters also volunteer and provide administrative support in the ministry office.  With your gifts, lives are changed, the Gospel is proclaimed, and God is glorified.  The J.A.I.L. Ministry believes that crime is a moral problem. Christians call it “sin,” and the only way to really change society is by helping individuals make lasting changes in their own lives. The J.A.I.L. Ministry desires for everyone to commit their lives and values to Jesus Christ and His Word, the Bible.

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