Sermons from April 2024

Sermons from April 2024

The Announcement of Betrayal

Jesus’ demeanor shifted noticeably, becoming solemn and reserved, his countenance was overshadowed by a sense of foreboding. Christ’s focus shifts from acts of service to the act of betrayal as His attention shifts to Judas, the betrayer. Only two in the upper room were aware of the urgency in Jesus’ words.

Becoming A Humble Servant: Following Jesus’ Example

In John 13:4-15, we witness a profound and humbling act performed by Jesus Christ. It showcases a remarkable display of sacrificial love and servant leadership as Jesus, the Son of God, takes on the role of a servant by washing the feet of his disciples. Through this powerful and symbolic gesture, Jesus teaches his followers valuable lessons on humility, service, and the true meaning of discipleship. Let us delve into this passage to uncover deeper spiritual truths and effects of…

Jesus’ Farewell Message: An Introduction

This is an introduction to the “Upper Room Discourse” found in the Gospel of John. This is Jesus’ Farewell Address to those who He called and they gave up everything to follow Jesus.

The Significance of Jesus Post-Resurrection Appearances

Good morning, Lakeview family. Last week we celebrated Easter. We fully acknowledge the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the tomb. Today we will be observing the significance of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances as recorded in John 20:30-21:7. In this sermon, we will explore the power of forgiveness. We will specifically look at the relationship between Jesus and Peter. The Gospel of John was written by the apostle John, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. This gospel…

Risen Indeed!

This is the first sermon in the series, “This is Love!” Of all the words ever spoken, none have echoed through the ages and changed the course of history as the words spoken by an angel at an empty grave: “He is not here. He is risen!” In Baptist churches, on Sunday morning, we celebrate the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, on this day, Easter 2024, we focus on the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.…