Sermons by Bob Crowder

Sermons by Bob Crowder

A New Commandment

In the closing hours before His crucifixion, Jesus imparts a profound and significant commandment to His disciples—one that embodies the essence of His ministry and the centerpiece of His message. Within the verses of John 13:31-35, we find not only a command but a challenge– a call to exemplify the love that Christ demonstrated throughout His earthly ministry. This love, is to serve as a distinctive characteristic of their faith and a testimony to the world.

The Announcement of Betrayal

Jesus’ demeanor shifted noticeably, becoming solemn and reserved, his countenance was overshadowed by a sense of foreboding. Christ’s focus shifts from acts of service to the act of betrayal as His attention shifts to Judas, the betrayer. Only two in the upper room were aware of the urgency in Jesus’ words.

Come And See the Missionary Calling

John the Baptist’s ministry was growing. People were traveling great distances to hear this rabbi speak. Listeners turned into disciples and disciples turned into followers. The message of John the Baptist was simple but difficult as his sermons stressed repentance. His message was to prepare those hearers in preparing for the Messiah. John and his disciples were together one day when suddenly John declares, “Behold the Lamb of God!”