Life of Gideon – Introduction

Life of Gideon – Introduction


This is part One of a 12 part series based on the life of Gideon.

The events included in the Book of Judges cover a turbulent period in the life of Israel, from about 1380 – 1050 B.C. — the time of the conquest of Palestine to the beginning of the monarchy.
Though the land is controlled by Israel and occupied under the leadership of Joshua, the land was not completely conquered. Many strongholds were bypassed and left to the individual tribes to deal with. The Book of Judges comprises the battles that ensued, as each tribe and all of Israel continued the occupation of the Promised Land.

The Judges

The judges were both warriors and leaders of the people. Israel was a confederacy of tribes more than they were a mighty nation. Some of the judges governed at the same time. As the needs became apparent, God called each judge. Some judges ruled over all the nation.
The Book of Judges, therefore, is a link between the conquering of the Land of Promise and the monarchy of Saul.

Israel failed to complete the conquest of the land, therefore God judged Israel. This cyclical result was caused by Israel not subduing the land as God commanded them. Israel would begin living as the surrounding nations, worshiping the gods of the nation that they were to conquer. They would fall under the depravity of idolatry which brought immorality and a rejection of Jehovah as their God. God would judge them by sending nations to conquer them: Mesopotamia, Moab, Philistia, Canaan, Midian, Abimelech, and Ammon. The people would cry out unto the Lord; God would hear their cries and send a judge. A battle to remove the invaders would ensue and resultant victory would be met with peace. Then the cycle would begin once again.

Join me in this journey into the life of one of the Judges of Israel.