COVID-19 UPDATE – March 14, 2020

COVID-19 UPDATE – March 14, 2020

Coronavirus and LBC

President Donald Trump declared a national emergency today, to head off the coronavirus outbreak. Many public and private companies and institutions have canceled major events, including large gatherings, closing schools and arranging for employees to work from home in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

What are the stats of this virus in the US? There are more than 2,000 confirmed or presumptive cases of the coronavirus, and the death toll stands at 41.

So many people are stressed about the coronavirus. If you are not aware of what I am talking about, just visit your local grocer where shelves are empty of bread, peanut butter and toilet paper.

There are many things that we do not know about the virus. However, this is not the time to throw caution to the wind when it comes to Lakeview Baptist Church.

President Trump and the CDC are asking for voluntary closing of gatherings of people in order to “Flatten the Curve” of the disease, which will slow down the spread of the virus.

Perhaps the greatest fear has been that the virus would spread to the Temple/Belton area. Today’s news informs us that there is an active case of the Caronavirus in Bell County.

As a result, Lakeview, I have met with the Deacon Fellowship and Leadership on how we should proceed, and it was our unanimous decision that we will not put our congregation at risk. Therefore, we will NOT gather this Sunday, March 15 for morning or evening services and that all other church activities for this upcoming week will be cancelled as well (Awana will NOT be meeting).

The pastor will be preaching this Sunday and you can join us on Facebook at 11:20 on

We will also be giving updates on the current situation on our website: and on We will meet again next Thursday, March 19, and re-evaluate the situation.

What can we as a congregation do during this trying time?

  • Pray for our nation, researchers, doctors, nurses and those that have been infected.
  • Reach out! This is a great time to check on your friends, families, and nextdoor neighbors and minister to them in this hour.
  • Continuing to support LBC through our website at