Finding the Truth: Question 1

Finding the Truth: Question 1

Purpose of this Study: Prepare

The purpose of this study, is so that when you are openly witnessing to someone, perhaps over a cup of coffee, you can answer them based on a repertoire of answers you have developed through studying God’s word. Answers to questions that you have already studied and memorized.

The first question asked is, “Where did Cain get his wife?” (Genesis 4:17)

This question is commonly asked of Christians that publicly profess their faith at some point in their life. It is meant to confuse and dissuade the Christian from further attempts to witness to them.

On Wednesday evenings, we have begun looking at questions like this and we follow a common format:

  • What is the question?

Many times you have to filter through all the words to realize the real question. We must understand the question before we can give the person the correct answer.

  • How would you answer this question?

This would be your immediate, knee jerk, response. Without opening your Bible. How would you honestly answer this question, as you sip your coffee.

  • What Biblical references would you use?

This step is where we “dig” in. Here is where you would use a good “reference” Bible and/or a commentary to develop your answer. However, and this cannot be understated, all our answers must be based using scripture. The Word of God is where the power comes from, not our oratory skills.

  • Answer the question using your Bible.

This step is the most important one of all. This is where you would take your study in the previous step, “What Biblical references would you use?” and write out your full answer, using references and quoting scripture. Do Not skip this step. Fully write your answer on a sheet of paper. It is at this point where you would develop, formulate and memorize a response that can stand up to question and scrutiny.

The Question

Are you ready to give it a try?

“Where did Cain get his wife?”

Use the form, study your bible and references. Write a response to the question using scripture.

Next week, I will attach the response we had in class.

I hope you have a wonderful time studying. May God richly bless you as your study His word.

Pastor Bob