Finding the Truth

Finding the Truth

There’s not a day goes by that I don’t apply some form of apologetic to my life. The whole idea of defending one’s faith, seems a bit frightening and sometimes even overwhelming. However, the Scripture is full of “answers to hard questions.” Even those questions that you may not have even thought of or asked yet.

I use apologetics when I write sermons, Bible studies, blog, and Facebook. People have questions. As Christians, we should always be ready to provide an answer for those seeking our Savior.

Apologetics, and it’s very root, literally means “defense”. Christian apologetics is defined as “to defend one’s faith.” Apologetics is the religious discipline of defending religious doctrines through systematic argumentation and discourse. Early Christian writers had to defend their beliefs against critics. Defending their faith to outsiders got them the name “Christian apologists.”

We certainly should not have an argument or shouting match with someone else to prove our point. That does not help the cause of Christ. However, apologetics, when practiced correctly, should become a way of life for the believer. We must be able to “defend” our faith.

We have a Wednesday evening time of Bible study at Lakeview, and during this time we have studied “how to study the Bible.” We are now taking what we have learned to answer questions that people ask. Some of these questions were asked from: youth at Falls Creek or from the pew. We are now gathering questions some have always wanted to ask, and giving them a venue. I have to admit I am in awe of the level and depth of the questions concerning all manners of spirituality, Christian life and faith. Some questions were very difficult for the writer to ask. Some questions were quite simple and did not require “digging” into the Scriptures to supply an answer.

I have decided to catalog the questions and some of the answers for future reference. I will also be adding questions to this blog. My hope is that as you review these questions, you will become deeply involved in the journey to find truth. We have not written out all the answers or references. That is where you the reader, can study for yourself to better help you serve our Lord Jesus Christ, by becoming “workman” rightly dividing the word of truth.