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Son of Man

In the beginning of the Gospel of John, John declares, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. In this sermon, John Nance-Karl defines who the “Son of Man” is and what His mission was.

The Beauty of His Holiness

This is the second sermon in the series, “Worship” by our pastor, Dr. Bob Crowder. The reason for the psalm and the praise is that the Ark was going to be placed in “house” that David built in Jerusalem. The presence of God was returning in the midst of the people. That is reason to sing and praise God. On any typical Sunday morning, people drive to their local church. We all come with a different agenda. According to a…

Taking Life Seriously

Throughout the world today, churches from many denominations are joining together to promote “National Sanctity of Human Life Day.” Today marks the 40th anniversary which is celebrated on the third Sunday in January. Ronald Reagan instituted this day. We will look at a few verses today to discuss this point, but it is important to notice in this passage that Jeremiah’s birth fits in the sovereign purpose of God.

The Year of Worship

Whether it was a good or bad year, we can lift the plastic sheet of our etch-a-sketch of 2023 and look at 2024 with a blank page. What does 2024 hold in store for us? I am struck by the idea that in 365 days, we will be at this same crossroads: reviewing 2024 and looking forward to 2025. At the end of next year will we look back upon it as one that we dedicated to the Lord or…

“Even though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil.”

Before there was King David there was David the shepherd boy. David spent most of his youth tending to his father’s sheep. He saw bright and sunny days and star filled nights. However, he also saw times when he had to lead the sheep through dangers and difficulties. What did David mean when he said, “the Valley of the Shadow of Death?” Listen as Dr. Crowder preaches on this section of the Twenty-third Psalm.

He Restores My Soul

Sermon Number Five: The Shepherd’s Psalm. Man is classified as having three parts: Body, spirit, and soul. I think we can all agree that humans are complicated.

He Leads Me Beside Still Waters

Sermon Number Four: The Shepherd’s Psalm. Sometimes we mis the simplicity of God’s Word. David captures the work of the Shepherd as one who “leads.” The Shepherd is gentle as he leads. The same word also carries the idea of the Shepherd leading “continually.”

He Makes Me Lie Down in Green Pastures.

Sermon Number Three: The Shepherd’s Psalm. This is the fourth message on Psalm 23. King David’s “Shepherd’s Psalm.” Peace and Joy only come from the Shepherd.

The Lord is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want

Sermon Number Two: The Shepherd’s Psalm. Humans are rarely satisfied, and it is my opinion that few have mastered the idea of “I shall not want.” That is what makes David’s declaration so impactful. “I Am Satisfied!”